Beat the odds

Our average success rate is in excess of 90% (the industry is content with its mere 75% average), so we feel confident your message will reach more Canadian pharmacies with our fax service.

Our fax broadcasts will connect you to more pharmacies than most; over 10,000, and counting. Our list is complete, and highly accurate (in spite of high churn rates that we continually track).

Beat the odds, get some of the highest rates of return and go even further with your marketing budget. Best of all, we take care of everything for you.

So what's our secret?

Simple: our proprietary pharmacy database. Unlike many in the industry, our list is 100% our own. It is completely maintained by our staff. We do not sell, lease our data nor do we buy from others. And this sets us apart.

Health Canada

Santé Canada

For more than 15 years, Health Canada has relied on us to deliver their mission critical Office of Controlled Substance circular letters to pharmacies.

Our success is due to unparalleled service we provide to all customers, and our pharmacy database that continually meets stringent guidelines.

Your fax blast

is a breeze

with our web tool

the pps® Online

fax request tool

This is not a self-serve online tool. We don't believe you should have to pay to do your own work. No, the PPS® online fax tool just makes it easier to execute a fax blast with us.


Simply provide your Adobe Acrobat (PDF) document, select who to fax to, when you want it done, and that's it! We take care of all the rest.

The tool, with its intuitive user interface, allows you to:

Submit fax project requests directly to PPS®,


Select the pharmacy type and provinces to target, see in real-time the estimated destination count


Monitor the progress of each project, watch it as it complete each step


View and review all of your projects

Access to our online tool is simple. Click on the orange link below, or go to ppsfax.ca, and select the "Create new account" link.